Board of Education Meeting Dates and Times

Approved 12/18/2019 Date and Location

Date and Location

*JANUARY 27 (Monday)    Dist. Office

FEBRUARY 26 Dist. Office

*MARCH 18 Dist. Office

APRIL 22 Dist. Office

MAY 27 Dist. Office

JUNE 24 Dist. Office

JULY- No Scheduled Meeting at This Time

AUGUST 26 Dist. Office

*SEPTEMBER 28 (Monday) Dist. Office (With Budget Hearing)

OCTOBER 28 Dist. Office

*NOVEMBER 23 (Monday) Dist. Office

*DECEMBER 16 Dist. Office

* Regular meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M., unless otherwise noted on the posted meeting agenda with an asterisk. All meetings are held at 4213 US HWY 12, Richmond, IL 60071 and take place in the administrative conference center. For all inquiries please call the district office at 815-678-4242.

District Office ……………………...4213 Hwy 12, Richmond, IL (Administrative Conference Center)