The Tailgate 4 Education Auction has become the major source of income for our PTO and has helped fund numerous school and classroom improvements as well as education programs. In recent years with money raised at the auction we have been able to provide a traverse climbing wall in the gym, replace the water fountains at Richmond Grade School with water fountain/bottle filling stations and have expanded our outdoor improvements by providing additional playground equipment, including the Bankshot Basketball system, a picnic shelter, and picnic tables. With proceeds from last year's auction, we have been able to make a difference at our school by providing cabinets in several classrooms, upgrading our sound system, and installing cork strips throughout our hallways just to name a few. Since classroom and school needs are always changing, we will continue to raise money to improve our school as needed and continue to fund educational programs such as assemblies for the students.

If you have any questions or would like to help with the Tailgate 4 Education Auction, please contact Kristin Brand via email:  kbranddvm@live.com.