Dear Parents:

Thank you for taking the time and showing the interest to review this book. It contains valuable information about the programs and services we offer for your sons and/or daughters. We firmly believe that your active interest in our school will bring about a partnership between parent and school that will help our students succeed. Reviewing this booklet is a vital step in this process.

This handbook is designed to cover a variety of topics essential to the smooth and effective operation of our school system. In reviewing it, you will find the answers to most of the basic questions that you as a parent may have. We have tried to present the material in a clear and open manner.

Because we could never cover all questions or details of school life, we would like to invite you to feel free to contact school personnel with any concerns you may have. The best place to start is with your sons’ or daughters’ classroom teachers.

This handbook gives you advice on other personnel to contact regarding specific questions. When in doubt, the building secretaries are a great source of information and will be delighted to guide you to someone who can answer your questions.

I suggest that you begin the year by planning to attend the curriculum nights at our school. There is no better way to understand our program, meet our staff, and begin the partnership that will help your children get the most out of our educational offerings.

The Richmond and Spring Grove communities have traditionally taken great pride in its school system. It is one that blends the latest in learning theory and technology with a personal, caring and individualized approach to its educational programs. We are seeking to provide every student with a strong foundation in the basics while at the same time fostering the development of self-esteem, value formation, career awareness, and social responsibilities.

With your cooperation and partnership we can capitalize on our positive accomplishments and continue to improve our school system, providing the skills and experiences that all our sons and daughters need in today's competitive society.

Spring Grove Student/Parent Handbook