School Districts have general authority to determine grade placements and classroom assignments of students. Placement shall be based on general achievement. Consideration will be given to the mental, physical, emotional, and social maturity of the student. The policies and procedures are to be used by school staff when assigning students. The purposes of these policies and procedures include:

  • Balancing classes and teacher class loads
  • Providing equal educational opportunities for all students
  • Meeting the unique educational and other needs of individual students
  • Providing for consistent decision making regarding class/grade placements
  • Combinations of children who do not work well together are avoided
  • Students with difficult problems are assigned where they will benefit most

Teacher requests are NOT recommended. Parental involvement in the assignment of students to classes is limited to exceptional cases only. In order to be considered as an exceptional case, parents must submit specific reasons, in writing, to the Principal by May 1.