Nippersink Middle School

Nippersink Middle School is a public 6-8 Middle School in Richmond, Illinois. The principal is Mr. Tim Molitor and Assistant principal Ms. Desiree Richards. There are 546 children enrolled at Nippersink Middle School. The ratio of students to teachers at Nippersink Middle School is 18:1.

Welcome to Nippersink Middle School

We welcome you as a member of our school and we hope your experiences here will be happy and rewarding. Nippersink Middle School is a community in which students; teachers and administrators work together to attain educational goals. The rules and regulations of the school are the expectations of the community. As a citizen of this community, you are expected to follow the rules that are established for the welfare of the entire student body. All those enjoying the rights of the school community must also accept the responsibilities.

Vision Statement

The vision of NSD2 is to provide all students meaningful opportunities, which foster positive character development and inspire a commitment to lifelong learning.

District Mission Statement

The mission of NSD2 is to foster academic growth, instill integrity, confidence, and civic responsibility while preparing all students for an ever-changing global society.

Nippersink Middle School Mission Statement

The mission of Nippersink Middle School is to enhance, through education, the unique characteristics of middle school students and to guide them as they achieve their intellectual, inter-personal, and physical potential as lifelong learners.

Nippersink Middle School is committed to accomplishing this goal by:

  • Involving parents and the community by establishing a shared vision in the learning process
  • Aligning units and lesson plans with the Illinois Learning Standards
  • Adapting classroom activities to meet the needs of all students
  • Setting clear expectations of students’ work and behavior

School colors: Royal Blue and White
School Mascot: Knights