Situated within the beautiful surroundings of Northern Illinois .District 2 is an elementary district, which includes two PK-5 buildings (Richmond Grade School and Spring Grove Elementary), one 6-8 middle school (Nippersink Middle School). District 2 serves the communities of Richmond and Spring Grove. Graduates of District 2 attend Richmond-Burton Community High School (District 157). District 2 is 44 square miles in size with a 2019-20 student enrollment of 1160 students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.


The vision of Nippersink District 2 is to provide all students with meaningful opportunities, which foster positive character development and inspire a commitment to lifelong learning.


The mission of Nippersink District 2 is to foster academic growth, instill integrity, confidence, and civic responsibility while preparing all students for an ever-changing global society.


  1. Nippersink District 2 believes we are a community of learners.

  2. Nippersink District 2 believes that the learner’s self-confidence, self-discovery, and creativity is enhanced when challenged at their individual level.

  3. Nippersink District 2 believes that learning requires open communication between and amongst its community of learners.

  4. Nippersink District 2 believes that learning must emotionally and socially engage the community of learners.

  5. Nippersink District 2 believes that successful learning takes place through practice, meaningful connections, and direct experiences within the learning community.

  6. Nippersink District 2 believes that meaningful learning is achieved through reflection.

  7. Nippersink District 2 believes that learning is fostered in a safe climate of acceptance, trust, and mutual respect.

  8. Nippersink District 2 believes that excitement for learning develops from exploration and experimentation.


The Boards of Education of District 2 and District 157 entered into a Shared Service Agreement. The benefits to our school community include a more collaborative coordination of the educational and operational programs K-12. This agreement also provides a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars by reducing administrative costs to both school districts. Both districts also benefit from having support staff that handles responsibilities for both districts.

District departments/personnel that fall under the Shared Service Agreement include the Office of the Superintendent, Business Office (finance, operations, and transportation), Communications, Human Resources, Curriculum, and Technology Services.

District Office
4213 US Highway 12,
Richmond, IL 60071
(815) 678-4242

Nippersink Middle School
10006 North Main St,
Richmond, IL 60071
(815) 678-7129

Richmond Grade School
5815 Broadway St,
Richmond, IL 60071
(815) 678-4717

Spring Grove Elementary School
2018 Main St Rd,
Spring Grove, IL 60081
(815) 678-6750