D2 School Board Meeting Dates
D2 School Board Meeting Packet

We greatly value the community's input. Please feel free to reach out to the D2 Board with any comments, suggestions, and or concerns by sending an email to boeinput@nsd2.com

We will respond to you . Per our protocols, all responses to the public will come from either the Board President or the Superintendent.

D2 Board Group


President:  Liz Young

Vice President:  Elke Kleisch

Secretary:  Marcy Garrison

Member:  Joe Quinn

Member:  Joel Johnson

Member:  Robin Taylor

Member:  Ryan Andrus


Liz Young:
Training: Open Meetings Act (06/15/2017), PDLT (7/8/17), PERA (7/8/17)

Elke Kleisch:
Training: Open Meetings Act ( 6/24/17), PDLT (7/19/17), PERA (7/19/17)

Marcy Garrison:
Training: Open Meetings Act ( 5/28/2019) PDLT (11/22/2019), PERA (11/22/2019)

Joe Quinn:

Joel Johnson: 
Training: Open Meetings Act (6/26/2021), PDLT (6/26/2021) PERA (6/26/2021)

Robin Taylor
Training: Open Meetings Act, PDLT (11/19/2021) PERA (11/19/2021)

Ryan Andrus
Training: Open Meetings Act (02/25/2022) PDLT (02/25/2022) PERA (02/25/2022)

Open Meetings Act Training For School Board Members:
In satisfaction of the Open Meetings Act requirement of P.A. 97-504 that calls for instruction in the legal requirements for open meetings; procedures regarding quorums, notice, and recordkeeping; and procedures for holding open and closed meetings.

Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) for School Board Members:
In satisfaction of the requirement in Section 10-16a of the School Code of four hours of professional development leadership training. Current Board Members required to complete this training include: 

Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Training:
This training is required of School Board members who participate in a vote on a teacher dismissal based upon an “optional alternative evaluative dismissal process for PERA evaluations”. Current Board Members required to complete this training include: