Esser 3

To the Nippersink SD 2 Community:

The American Rescue Plan (ARP), (known as "ESSER III") became law in March 2021. The purpose of ESSER III is to provide support to school districts around the country in addressing the impact of COVID-19 on students' academic, social, emotional and mental health needs. Nippersink School District 2 has developed a plan (which included input from the Joint District Stakeholder Committee) to utilize ESSER III funds to support the “safe return to in-person learning and continuity of services for the purpose of promoting transparency and accountability for funds usage by the District.” Please click on the Link provided to learn more about how Nippersink SD 2 plans on using this grant money to improve ventilation and air quality.

ESSER 3 Grant Proposal to Improve Ventilation and Air Quality